Thursday, January 16, 2014


The idea for this sweater was in my mind for quite some time. And Project Run and Play's theme for this week, Winter Wonderland, was the trigger to finally bring my idea into reality...

It started off with this old knitted baby sweater that -I guess- my mum made for my little brother, over 30 years ago! I loved the colors and the theme. However, as you can see, it had felted and shrunk into weird proportions. Especially the sleeves had become very narrow and stiff. I thought about knitting another sweater, but figured that the time and effort I would spend on knitting would probably not weigh against the time spent by my son wearing it...

So instead I decided to copy it in another way. I happened to have just the right colored knits in my stash, so off I went. 
I used a basic pattern from Ottobre, changed the collar into a scarf collar, and appliqued the landscape onto the sweater. 

I'm really pleased with the result. And apparently, my little boy is too!