Sunday, November 6, 2016


Last month, I finally sewed something for myself; a Bethioua shirt. As I was sewing that shirt, I already got an idea for a second one, inspired by these pins.
My daughter and I went to the fabric market to find a red plaid fabric; "mooie rooie zachte ruitjesstof" (beautiful, red, soft plaid fabric) according to my daughter. I was looking for something similar to the fabric in the left photo, but couldn't find anything like it, so I settled with a traditional tartan fabric: a wool-viscose blend. It's soft and supple, but without any stretch. However, as the Bethioua runs quite wide, I figured that would be no problem. For the front and sleeves I used some burgundy knit.
This was my 10th(!) Bethioua, thus sewing the shirt was a breeze.
Happy with my new shirt!