Thursday, January 31, 2013


Not the typical love birds, these puffins. Nevertheless, this is my entry for Project Run and Play - Valentines week. I originally planned to make something else, but didn't find the time to get it done. So here is something that I created a while ago. So, how does it relate to Valentine? Well, this shirt was made in occasion of my father and stepmother's wedding, last November. 

During the wedding ceremony, with her grandfather 
I wanted to make a wedding outfit for their three grandchildren. The outfits should be comfortable and not too formal, but still have a special touch. So I decided to make three different pieces that were somehow connected, and each would be embellished with something that related the kids to their grandparents. For M I made this sweater with puffins, because my father and stepmother went to Iceland last year and enjoyed seeing these funny birds.

The sweater was made with an upcycled adult shirt and some stripey orange-red knit. The puffins made of different kinds of knits that were partially stenciled using freezer-paper.  

Monday, January 28, 2013


Another upcycle, from an adult-size sweater. 
I like those big v-neck collars that I've been seeing in the stores and on blogs this season (for example here, here and here), so I attempted to create one myself. I'm quite pleased with the result. The little man looks very stylish in his new sweater.. I still need to take a picture of him wearing it, preferably before he has smeared peanut butter (or something else) all over it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hoodie for a car lover

Like any little boy, Bear can spend hours laying on the floor, lining up his cars and driving them around. So for my next entry for Project Run and Play-Boys week, I again sewed a hoodie from my favorite pattern. This time the hood is lined with cars for my little car lover.

The car knit perfectly matched the orange-red striped knit I had purchased earlier. I used the stripey fabric for the border of the hood and the sleeve collars. The body was made with blue, heavy knit and a piece of an old red t-shirt of mine.

All lined up for the race

A fortunate upcycle

I started this blog just recently, but I've been sewing for a few years now. So that gives me an enormous backlog of stuff that I've created over the past years. Whenever I feel that it's too quiet around here,  I'll share one of those oldies - including pictures of cute small kids...

This t-shirt was upcycled from a striped top that I got from a (very slim) friend, and an old red maternity shirt. The top wasn't wide enough for the front and back panels, so I added some of the red to the side seams. That really made this t-shirt. 
It was originally made for my boy, but quickly confiscated by my girl, who loves it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A very girly tunic

You would think that with a 4-year old girl, it's pink and princesses all over the place.
Not here. M is a tomboy. Her favorite color is blue (apparently, it recently changed to red), and her favorite outfit consists of jeans and a sweater.

Fortunately for me, M has a 4-year old cousin who is all into pink and dresses. Inspired by another Van Ikke iron-on, I came up with this tunic/dress. It has the same hood as these sweaters. It was way too sweet for my daughter's (and my) taste, but my little niece was very happy with it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Run and Play-Boys Week

Here's my entry for Project Run and Play - boys week. A hoodie for my boy and tomboy. The pattern is self-drafted and has quickly become my favorite pattern. I've already made several sweaters and a dress with it. I especially love the hood and the sneak peek pockets!

The great vintage-looking appliques are from Van Ikke.They have a wide array of appliques, for boys and girls.When browsing their website, I really had to restrain myself from buying too many...