Friday, May 16, 2014

Ole Guacamole

This tee is for my nephew Ole! 
His parents call him Ole Guacamole! 
Upon hearing this funny nickname, inspiration started flowing, and I simply had to make him this tee.
 I happened to have a very soft -almost velvety- green XL tee in my stash that had exactly the colour and feel of a ripe avocado. 
My best neckline ever!
 Inspired by the marvellous shirts made by Trine from Groovybaby... and Mama, I decided to add some shoulder pads. I freezer paper stenciled yellow rectangles on a rusty orange knit. Can you guess what they should resemble? (My husband had no clue...)
Isn't it obvious? Nacho chips of course....

To prevent the little guy's head to get stuck, I added a button closure to the left shoulder. I used some fun buttons with an aztec-like print and lime green thread to fix the buttons. 
 The lime green also appeared in the side tag and the serged edges.  
So, there it is! A fun shirt for Ole Guacamole!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Secret squirrel's next stop

Do you remember that I hosted Secret Squirrel last month? Next, he went all the way to Hongkong, to Emily from Nap-time Creations. Have a look here to see how she incorporated the five acorns that Secret Squirrel brought her. Those acorns formed a very unlikely combination: pineapple, alhambra, denim, ombre, and upcycled
It was so fun to see how she used the themes as inspiration and how it turned out completely different from what I would have made.
So what would I have made? Of course I thought about this. I played with several ideas, but didn't manage (yet) to turn them into reality. But I did try out one of my ideas today, combining the first two acorns: pineapple and Alhambra.
Inspired by the beautiful mosaics in the Alhambra palace in Spain, I created a pineapple stencil (I used similar stencils before), and created this freezer paper print.  
I printed it on a newborn onesie, just to try it out. It turned out as I had hoped, so I will probably use this print again on something that will actually fit one of my kids.
And this onesie? It will most likely become a gift for a little baby girl.