Saturday, February 13, 2016

Welcome to the circus

Hi everyone! Welcome to 2016!!! I just realized that this is my first blogpost of the year... Hmm.
Life has been extremely busy lately, and I have hardly had the time and energy to sew. But when my son announced that they would have a circus week at school, I couldn't resist...
I've been wanting to sew such a jacket ever since seeing Max California's winning boy outfit for the Project Run and Play Season 6 (back in 2013...). Of course, I was also inspired by the famous Stella McCartney military jackets, and by this jacket from Petit a Petit & Family.
The outside is made of blue velvet and the red lining is made of an old curtain, both from my stash.
The pattern is self-drafted, by combining Sofilantjes' ADV tee with a pattern of a cropped jacket that I found in an old Knippie (a Dutch pattern journal). The jacket is slightly cropped at the back, while the front is angled down a bit.
As my everyday style is getting more basic and less colourful, it was really fun to go all overboard with the gold trims and buttons. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I think he loves it too. A fun colourful jacket for my bright and colourful boy!