Thursday, January 31, 2013


Not the typical love birds, these puffins. Nevertheless, this is my entry for Project Run and Play - Valentines week. I originally planned to make something else, but didn't find the time to get it done. So here is something that I created a while ago. So, how does it relate to Valentine? Well, this shirt was made in occasion of my father and stepmother's wedding, last November. 

During the wedding ceremony, with her grandfather 
I wanted to make a wedding outfit for their three grandchildren. The outfits should be comfortable and not too formal, but still have a special touch. So I decided to make three different pieces that were somehow connected, and each would be embellished with something that related the kids to their grandparents. For M I made this sweater with puffins, because my father and stepmother went to Iceland last year and enjoyed seeing these funny birds.

The sweater was made with an upcycled adult shirt and some stripey orange-red knit. The puffins made of different kinds of knits that were partially stenciled using freezer-paper.  


  1. I love these colours. And the puffins. And the thought behind them. What a great shirt!

  2. I love that shirt and I love the story behind it even more. Happy Valentine's Day!