Sunday, March 24, 2013

beware of the dragon!

Beware! A dragon roams free in the woods. 
This dragon vest was created for the Waldorf school of my eldest. Her teacher wished to have all sorts of costumes for their role plays. I eagerly offered to sew a few items, and started off with this dragon vest.
As the basis for the dragon vest I used a pattern from Ottobre (Funny Fox 4/2012). I cut the back panel in two pieces, attached the two halves to the hood pieces, and then sewed the two sides together, inserting the tail between them.
I deviated from the pattern by omitting the binding along the hood and zipper, but instead lining the hood and body of the vest, since this would hide the seams on the inside and make it look much better.
the lined hood 
The dragon is slain
This was really a fun thing to make. Next up the list: an armor for a knight to slay the dragon!

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