Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pineapple print

 I created these pineapple fabrics with discharge paste. This is fabulous (and very smelly) stuff. It works like bleach, but since it's much thicker, it's very suitable for freezer paper stenciling. 

I used it before for one of my favorite projects, this triangle sweater.

For my current project, I cut out several pineapples, all slightly different and with different kinds of leaves. I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric and applied the discharge paste. 

When the paste was dry, some bleaching already had occurred. Then I steam ironed it, which activated the bleach even more. The effect is always a surprise; the degree of bleaching and the resulting color depends on the fabric. I've learned that jeans and red fabric don't work as well. But on this brown cotton, the pineapples came out clear and sharp.

I also printed some orange fabric. Curious what I made with my fabric?
Here's a sneak peek.... You can find the results here and here.

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  1. Hi! That looks great! Where do you buy that paste?

  2. Hi, I ordered it at

  3. Al was telling me about discharge paste when she read your blog post about the sweatshirt you made for PR&P. I really didn't understand how seriously cool it is. Thank you for sharing this on our link up party. I look forward to seeing what you made with the orange fabric. I am guessing a coat. I would love to see it next weeks link up.
    With Love,

    1. Hi Scary, thanks for your comment. Yes indeed. It's really cool stuff. I love to design my own prints with it.
      I'll post my project soon and link up to your party again!

    2. We've chosen to feature your post on our "tip Tuesday" for next week, if your interested- you can email this post to and we will post it along with our linky party. Thanks for linking it up.
      with love,