Saturday, November 9, 2013

Upcycled with love

One of the things I love most about sewing, is recycling (or better; upcycling) clothes. It is so satisfying to take an old item that is no longer worn, and give it a second life by turning it into something new.  Especially when the old item has some significance to you, because it once was a favorite piece of clothing from someone you love.

This baby shirt for example. It may not look very special, but it's made from two pieces of clothing that were once worn by two people very dear to me. The blue fabric origally was a pair of jogging pants of my mom. It's this kind of eighties fabric, very soft and a bit shiny (I think in Belgium it's called 'spons').

The striped cuffs are made from an old sweater of one of my moms best friends. Unfortunately, none of them was able to meet the new wearer of their clothes, because they both died a couple of years ago. 
So you can imagine how special it feels to cuddle this cutie in his new sweater, upcycled with love for him and for those two remarkable women.

And check out this beautiful quilt. My very talented aunt upcycled it from my mom's old sweaters (who owned a dozen differently colored St James striped sweaters).

Beautiful, isn't it? It feels special that my kids get to play on the sweaters that were worn with love by their grandma Vera.
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  1. What a sweet story. Both the sweater and the quilt are beautiful!

  2. Two classy examples of recycling!!

    Spons is the stuff towels are made of, as far as i know (i'm Dutch ;), in Holland that's called badstof), this looks to me like "nicky velours", a kind of stretchy velours, partly synthetic?

    1. Thanks. I guess you're right about the fabric. It looks like nicky velours, but it seems even softer. Perfect for a baby shirt anyways.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The sweater, the quilt and the story. So nice to have clothes with a history, and meaning to them.