Wednesday, April 9, 2014


One of my favorite creations is the triangle sweater I created last year. My son recently outgrew this sweater, so the concurrence of Project Run and Play's theme of this week (design your own fabric) and the "Sew all 26" series at No Big Dill (which has arrived at Z) formed the perfect excuse to make a new shirt. Since summer is on its way, it became a t-shirt. 
Initially, I wanted to use a fresher colour, but at the fabric market, I simply couldn't make up my mind which colour to choose. So in the end I went with the same colours as last time. I upcycled a huge men's shirt, which, despite having a print on the front and back, still had enough blank fabric.
The pattern was made using discharge paste, a thick bleach-like paste that is perfect for freezer paper stenciling (read all about the technique here). 
I stenciled two tags with the pattern. One was used for the collar, the other one was folded, following the example on this beautiful sweater from Nellekus.

So how did I create the stencil? It looks more difficult than it actually is. Let me show you...
First, I cut a rectangle of freezer paper of about 40x25 cm (using the entire width of the paper).
Fold the paper zigzag-wise into eight parts.
Draw two triangles, like this...
Cut out small strips within the shape of one triangle, using a knife or scissors.
Looking good already...
Cut out strips from the other triangle.
Fold open and admire! 
I accidentally cut out too much here. No problem. You can add the cut-off part(s) when ironing on your stencil.

You can vary the angles, which results in different patterns. As you can see, I used three different patterns for the front, back and sleeves...
In case you wonder, this is my (tomboyish) daughter. Her brother was ill today, but she volunteered to model, in exchange for some M&M's of course...
Linking up to Project Run and PlayKids Clothes Week and No Big Dill's "Sew all 26" series.


  1. This is so cool... your are so creative!

  2. love the stencil!! So intricate!! I always bribe my kids with candy for clothes modelling as well ;o)