Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer time!

It's summer time! Time for jumping, running and dancing. 
Not for standing still for a photoshoot.
Not even when modelling my brother's new puffin shorts. 
They're so soft, colourful and stretchy, I just cannot stop moving in them. 

Okay, mom. If you insist, I'll try to sit still (for one second).

Are you done? Fine, then I'm off to jump again.

Notes from mom:
I'm sorry, no detailed pics of the garment today, but I can assure you that these shorts are well loved!


  1. Love the photos! So what no close ups - I am smiling just looking at them!

  2. Saskia, how wonderful. I haven't bought the fabric yet, but these shorts make me want it even more! I've done a lot of shorts sewing, too. Come by my blog next week to see it ;) They are pretty cool, too, I think. Even though there are no puffins :(