Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mend the gap

My friend asked me to mend her trekking pants in return for a three-course dinner. That’s what I call a good deal! Especially since:
a. she is a wonderful cook, and 
b. I got her fiat to add a customized patch.

So I decided to add a leaf. This turned an otherwise boring task into a creative and satisfying little project.

Here are some alternatives I've used before to mend (or prevent) gaps!
Starselephants, multiple patches, whale
The guy wearing the patched pants is my middle son, just before he turned 2 (over 2 years ago now). 
I love his cool attitude, contrasting nicely with the rose petals sprinkled on the floor, haha!

And some more fun patches on my 'Mend the Gap' Pinterest board
band aidheartsmonsterclouds

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