Friday, August 1, 2014

Knock it off at Elegance and Elephants

During the first three weeks of August there's a fun series going on at Elegance and Elephants: Knock it off.
It reminds me of the phrase: "talent borrows, genius steals"! Why spend a lot of money on a garment if you can create it yourself for a fraction of the price? And what's more, if you can ensure a perfect fit and omit or add details as you like?    
I'm certainly going to follow this series. I'm not sure if I will be able to sew along, but I'll link up my own favorite knock off, shamelessly copied from Scotch Shrunk!
Head over to Elegance and Elephants for more great knock-offs!

Elegance & Elephants


  1. So cool!! you are really good with your deep dye!!

  2. Awesome!!!! Hey, Saskia... we'd love to have you involved in a blog tour over at if you are interested. I just can't find your e-mail to send you an invite. You can send it to me ( It is for boys and we know you would be a perfect fit!