Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tutorial - string ornaments

When collecting paper for the recycle bin, I found some nice red cardboard, I was reminded of this tutorial, and decided to make some string ornaments together with my kids.
A quick and easy project, but the result is really nice. 
We hung our ornaments in the tree, but you could also use them as gift tags or other decoration.
Here's a small tutorial:
1. Cut out small circles from thin cardboard. Cut eight or sixteen slits into the circles.

2. Take some yarn (or twine as I did) and tape it to the backside.

3. Thread the string forward through the slit at the top and bring it down to the slit at the bottom. Then, bring the yarn up and forward through the slit next to the top one, and backward through the slit next to the bottom one. Continue in the same way, until you have completed two rounds.

4. Once completed, weave the yarn underneath one of the strings, make a loop and knot it.

5. You're done!


  1. Leuk idee! Dit gaan we doen als er volgende keer cornetto's zijn gegeten en ze de dekseltjes weer niet willen weggooien.

  2. Een leuke DIY voor de kerstdagen. Gaan we zeker ook doen! Fijne dagen!