Thursday, June 11, 2015

Testing the Morocco shorts

A while ago I tested the Morocco shorts, the latest pattern from Petit à Petit & Family. This is a slim fit, unisex pattern for pants or shorts with several fun details, such as a cool tuxedo stripe and double welt pockets with pocket flap. The pattern offers lots of opportunities for color-blocking.
I made the tuxedo shorts, size 7, for my tall and slender girl who will turn 7 this summer. And as you see, the fit is spot on.
The pattern is quite advanced and it’s definitely not a quick sew. But if you take your time and follow the instructions closely, you’ll end up with very professional looking pants.
I learned a lot from these shorts. I made my first zip fly and double welt pockets. Lesson learned: always use interfacing when the pattern tells you to do so! I didn’t use any interfacing for the first welt pocket, and this one ended up a bit crooked. The second -with interfacing- looks so much better! Fortunately, the pocket flaps are great for hiding a flawed bottom welt…
The fabric was upcycled from two thrifted adult pants. It surprised me how much I needed to make these shorts. The dark pants were used up completely. I even had to rip off the back pockets to make it work. You can still see tiny holes outlining the original pockets. For the cuff lining, I used some of the fabric from the Stylo vest.
Unfortunately, M doesn’t like these shorts at all. I’m not sure why. Is it the colors? (I used pink lining for the pockets) The fit? (They seem quite comfortable) Or just the whims of a six-year old?  
I must have looked quite disappointed, because then she said: “But mom, I can wear them during my swimming lessons!” In the Netherlands, all kids learn to swim with clothes on, and they usually wear their oldest, most outworn clothes…
Anyway, I warmly recommend this pattern. It’s a versatile and sophisticated pattern with lots of details that you can play around with. From the tester pics I’ve seen, the fit is especially great in the larger size ranges. You can find the pattern here.
Thanks Celina for involving me in testing your pattern. It was a fun experience.


  1. Aaah hoe frustrerend zo'n eigen wil van een 6 jarige.... En dan ook meestal bij een project waar serieus werk in zet , zo is mijn ervaring althans... Aan de short ligt het niet... prachtig!

  2. Zonde van dat vele werk en het staat haar zo goed! Hopelijk verandert ze nog van mening :-)

  3. Mooie broek! Erg leuk de verschillende kleuren. De eigen wil komt mij niet onbekend voor, ha. Mijn dochter weet precies wat ze wel en niet aan wil (toch al vanaf haar derde). Is altijd weer spannend of ze het wel aan gaat doen ... ik schat nu zo'n 50% slagingskans ... ; )

  4. -schaterlach- Zou-je-ze-niet?
    Ik vind de broek alvast prachtig!