Monday, April 8, 2013

knight costumes

Remember this dragon, roaming in the woods?
Fortunately, a brave knight has appeared at the scene...

As mentioned before, I volunteered to sew some costumes for my daughter's class. After finishing the dragon costume, it was now time for a knight tunic. 
I started off with this grey tunic, upcycled from an old pair of pants of mine with a very cool print. However, I liked it too much to give away, and decided to make a second one for her school.
I loosely followed this tutorial by Eloleo (in Dutch), with a few modifications. I made the tunics somewhat shorter (60 cm) and narrower (36 cm) than she did. The back and front of the grey tunic were sewn together at the sides, and although the fit is great, my kids needed some help to put it on and off. To avoid this issue with the second tunic, I only closed one side, and put some velcro on the other side (M's teacher will be grateful!)
I also deviated from the original tutorial with respect to the waistband. After sewing on the belt loops, I finished the band with some shimmering gold ribbon. This hid all sewing flaws and gave the tunic a very polished look.
The waistband with a gold trim
In my stash, I found this old table cloth with golden thread woven in it. Perfect for a shield! I freezer paper stenciled the dragon with red and gold fabric paint, which turned out great. The picture below doesn't do justice, it really shimmers in the sunlight.
The shimmering shield
So, to conclude: a simple, but very successful and addictive project. I'm already thinking about all the possibilities for future birthday presents, combining different colors and (personalized) shields. If I find the time, I'll post a tutorial (in English) soon.  

Another great thing about this project: I only used materials from my stash.

Grey cotton: upcycled pants
Blue babyrib: from stash
Red cotton: old curtain
White/gold shield fabric: old table cloth
Gold ribbon
Blue and red bias band
Red and gold fabric paint
Wooden sword: bought at Dille and Kamille (a Dutch store)

Update: I wrote a tutorial (in English), which can be found here.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the details you added.
    Great job!

  2. So cute. Mydaughter is a Three Musketeeers fanatic and this would work great for that.