Friday, April 26, 2013

sarouel for a fresh baby

It has been quiet on this blog for a few weeks. But it hasn't been quiet in life.... Not at all!

Because the cries, grunts and other cute sounds of a fresh newborn sounded through our house. Little Jonatan Nils was born on April 9!

A few days before he was born, I made this cute baby sarouel with the same car fabric as his brother's hoodie. I didn't know back then what the baby's gender would be, but figured that little girls can wear colorful car pants as well.

I used a pattern from Ottobre 4 2012. The size should be a 52, but it looks much bigger.
However, if you fold the waistband and cuffs, it almost fits. The plus side is that it keeps his belly nice and warm and he will be able to wear these pants for a few more months...

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