Saturday, March 8, 2014

A panther in the woods again

Look what I spotted in the woods today! A toothless panther.
M (who lost all of her front teeth) had circus week at school. Yesterday they all dressed up as circus artists and gave a small show for the parents. M wanted to be a panther, of course! 
I recently read some tips online on how to take photos with backlight, and wanted to try it. So we went out in the 'golden hour', just before sunset, and took these photos. It's quite tricky to get the right amount of flare and overexposure, but I like the dramatic effect given by the backlight. And who would guess that these photos were taken in the park, no more than 5 minutes from our house, in the middle of the city?
By the way, the panther hoodie was blogged here. The cape was a present from Sinterklaas (not blogged).

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