Saturday, March 29, 2014

With a bit of help from the sun

One of my best friends just gave birth to her first child: a pretty little girl.  With help from the sun and some leaves, I made her a bunting and a dip-dyed onesie. I used my new favorite technique: sunprinting! It's so easy, and so pretty.

This turned out just as I envisioned: light, airy, fresh, fairy-like, spring-y. 
Perfect for the pretty baby that it was made for!

By the way, editing the photos for this post probably took me more time than making the stuff. Getting the white balance right was tricky, and then Blogger screwed up by changing the colors automatically, making my photos way too dark. Grrr. I finally found out that the culprit was an automatic enhancement function in Google+. Apparently, Google does not approve of my overexposed images. So if you ever encounter this problem as well, try turning off the automatic enhancement function.

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