Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ode to a humble knit!

Do you spot the common denominator in the creations above?

Today I want to bring an ode to one of my favorite fabrics!
The color of this knit is hard to describe. Would you call it tan? Beige? Khaki? Anyway, it has played an important part in many of my creations.  Often, its role was quite humble, providing a neutral background for other colors to show off. But of course those colors could only steal the show because they were backed by this solid, calm color.
It was fun to find back all the different creations that it has been part of.

Unfortunately, the end of the fabric is near! It's final pieces are already cut out to become a Charlie sweater. They were originally meant to be used for the owl sweater, but I changed my mind, and used it only for the collar and cuffs.
So now I’m in doubt: how to combine this final piece of fabric? What to pair it with?

Should I go for coffee?



Or something completely different?


  1. :( Too sad that this fabric is coming to an end! I want to see something that you make from each and everyone of these colour inspirations! (Btw. have you been to Iceland? It's fantastic!)

  2. That is some awesome colorblocking on your winterland sweater!! I would say go for Iceland, but I might just be a little bit biased being from Iceland ;)

  3. I would definitely go for the Scandinavia color scheme. If only for my love of orange. (or maybe because it's the least obvious of the above, and i'm rather fond of that too)