Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking steps

Look! I'm walking!
For that occasion, mom made me some fancy pants.
Upcycled from grandma's linen pants
With backpockets
Tuxedo stripes
and front pockets
Don't I look handsome?
Since they're not very sturdy, I promised mom not to crawl anymore...
So, I'll start running instead

Note from mom: The pants are self drafted. They are a bit slimmer than regular baby pants, and they fit him perfectly. The only downside is that they are made from linen, and will not last very long. 
So I'm already on the lookout for some sturdier fabric for the next version...

Linking up to Project Run and Play, week 2 (hand-me-down).  


  1. I really really love this pants! Would buy it right away for my son if I saw it somewhere.

  2. Really handsome pants, and fun blog post!

  3. so sweet! he looks just like your other kids! and those pants are so stylish!

  4. What a great pair of first walking pants!

  5. HE is a doll!!!! ANd the outfit is so impeccably made! Well done ;)

  6. These are great! I love the stripe down the sides :)

  7. Oh, he looks so darling in his new pants! Why do they learn to walk & then right away learn to run?

  8. Those pants are awesome! And there is nothing cuter than a toddling baby, loved the pics!