Sunday, April 26, 2015

KCW day 6+7: sweatpants

One of the great things of sewing is that you can create the clothes that perfectly fit your kids; their bodies as well as their personalities. These sweatpants, sewn during the final days of Kids Clothes Week, are the perfect example.
My kids love to wear 'soft pants'. But since they are tall and slim, their store-bought sweatpants are way too baggy. And even though I'm quite relaxed as it comes to their outfits, I don't allow them to wear these pants to school. But as I completely understand their desire for comfortable clothes, I promised to make them some soft pants that they could wear to school.
And I think I have found the perfect pattern. These are the Moto Maxx pants from Love Notions; slim-fit pants with (optional) slanted padded knee patches. It's an easy and quick sew, and the fit is really spot on. Most patterns tend to be very wide on my kids, but these are even a bit on the slim side for them... 
As a matter of fact, this was the second pair I sewed. The first pair ended up looking like scuba pants, due to my fabric choice (very thick) in combination with the slim fit. Having learned my lesson, I got some thinner fabric and narrowed the seam allowance. Furthermore, I added one cm to the rise and took 1 cm from the front. The result, perfectly fitting, school-worthy sweatpants.
I'm super happy with how they turned out, and so is my girl. She was standing by my side as I finished them and put them on straight away. I foresee that this is going to be the go-to pattern for quick and comfortable sweat pants.
By coincidence, she was wearing a perfectly matching tank top.


  1. Wat een leuke broek, leuk patroon!

  2. These look brilliant! Lucky girl having a mum who can sew just what she needs. How cool that she can wear trackies to school, so practical and comfy!

  3. Dat patroon onthoud ik voor mijn smallerds! Leuk!

  4. Lovely! Have a nice friday sweetie!

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