Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wild things

Tomorrow, another Kids Clothes Week starts. This season's theme is a fun one: Wild Things. I'm always in for some animal inspiration, and already have a few projects in mind, so stay tuned. To warm up, I have been sewing some fun and simple eared hats for my kids. They love to dress up, and these hats boost their imaginative play.
It all started around Easter when my son's teacher asked for 30 bunny hats for all the kids in her class. Searching for a simple and quick pattern, I came across this free pattern from the Purl Bee. 
The original pattern was sized for babies and included lamb ears. so I enlarged the pattern and added bunny ears. After sewing a couple of bunny hats (fortunately, I didn't have to sew all 30 of them), I wanted to try out some other animals.
Enter the panther!
And the fox!
The pattern is really easy and versatile, and has a great fit. You could line the hat, as I did with the panther version, but if you use fleece, there is no need to line them or finish the edges. I think it looks really cute on my 2-year old, but it's also a great pattern to create dress up hats for older kids. In fact, the fox hat was made for a school play of my eldest. After figuring out the right shape and position of the fox ears, I could whip them up in half an hour.
Are you interested in the enlarged pattern and instructions for sewing on the different ears? Let me know, and I will do a tutorial soon!


  1. What fun hats! I would love to hear about ears and a large size! I am super excited for KCW!

  2. Wat schattig! En stoer ook natuurlijk ; ) Een tutorial is erg leuk (alleen kan niet beloven ze te maken, maar vind ze wel erg leuk)

  3. Erg leuk! Ik naaide het baby maatje ook al eens.

  4. Erg leuk! Ik naaide het baby maatje ook al eens.

  5. super schattig! Ik ontdek nog maar net je blog, maar hij staat meteen tussen mijn favorieten!

  6. So cute! I would love a tutorial on enlarging the pattern :-)