Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A dress from daddy's jeans

I started this blog just recently, but I've been sewing for a few years now. So that gives me an enormous backlog of stuff that I've created over the past years. Whenever I feel that it's too quiet around here,  I'll share one of those oldies - including pictures of cute small kids...

Here's one of my very first creations. A small dress from her daddy's old pants, made three years ago. What a cute little toddler she was back then.

 To make the dress, I cut the pants open at the side seams, but left the inner (double) seams intact. Then I cut the front and back panel from the two legs, using an existing dress as a pattern. I sewed the panels together and finished the neckline and arm openings with bias band.

Two snaps at the shoulders to close the dress, and to finish it off, I sewed the original back pocket to the back of the dress, and a small pocket to the front.

If I would create such a dress again, I would probably use a more lightweight denim. This jeans fabric was a bit stiff and didn't drape all that well. But, looking back, not too bad for a beginning seamstress...

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