Thursday, February 7, 2013

PR&P - Men's shirt challenge

This week of Project Run and Play, the Men's dress shirt challenge was indeed a real challenge for me. Not only to create something, but even more to photograph it. After several trips to the thrift store and considering various options, I finally decided upon this simple white shirt, with some fine stitched lines on the collar and sleeves. 

Sewing the shirt itself was not too difficult, since I could reuse the collar and sleeves completely. And after having been struggling with knits for my last projects, it was great to work with cotton again.

But then came the most difficult part: photographing the result. It turns out that a white shirt with fine details is hard to capture on photos. Moreover, I wasn't helped much by the grey drizzly weather, and an unwilling model who didn't want to wear her new shirt for more than five minutes.

O well, it's supposed to be a challenge, isn't it?

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