Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There's a panther in the woods...

My oldest is really into tigers and panthers lately and asked me to sew her a panther sweater. I was more than happy to oblige. However, a complete sweater in panther print was a bit too much, in my view. So I opted for a brown sweater with a panther-lined and panther-eared hood. 

Her first reaction was one of disappointment: "But mom, I don't like brown..."
However, I think she got used to it, because it quickly became her favorite hoodie. If she could, she would wear it daily and keep the hood on all the time.

I would too, with such a soft furry lining and cute spotted ears...

Apparently, animal prints are one of the trends of this year, so she's even fashionable in this hoodie...

Although this hoodie was not made originally as an entry for Project Run and Play, I've been thinking about how to describe my signature style. I came up with the following description:
I like to create clothes that are comfortable, playful, colorful, with basic shapes and fun details, and most of all, designed especially for my kids (Nothing so unsatisfying as spending hours on an item that your child refuses to wear, I've learned the hard way...).
This panther hoodie fullfills most of these criteria, just like the hoodies I created for boys' week. So there you have it, my signature style...
Showing her claws
Not looking so scary now...


  1. How fun! I think the solid to mellow out the animal print was the perfect move. It gives more emphasis to where it belongs. Plus it helps her brown eyes pop.

  2. This is adorable! Can I ask which pattern you used for the hoodie?